Diagnostic Services

Dentist using a Zumax scope

General Examinations

General dental examinations and consultations are offered to construct a thorough treatment plan consisting of various possible treatment options.


These examinations consist of an intra-oral examination by the dentist, dental charting, intra-oral photography and dental X-Rays. Dental X-Rays taken can either be intra-oral, Panoramic or a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT).


A Treatment estimate is given that outlines the treatment plan and the costs involved.

Surgical Examinations

A Surgical examination will be done to determine whether any procedure which involves surgical intervention is necessary. This includes assessments for removal of teeth, placement of implants and soft tissue surgeries.

Esthetic Planning


Everybody wants a beautiful smile. At the ELOHC we offer state of the art of aesthetic planning to give you the smile you deserve.

Periodontal Examinations


A Periodontal examination consist of examining the gums and the bone surrounding teeth. It is crucial to have these examinations done by your oral hygienist and dentist. The amount of bleeding of the gums and presence of mobility of teeth will be examined and the severity thereof will determine further investigation.

Dentists diagnosing a patient

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