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Dental Surgery

A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth. This is the treatment option if the tooth has been destroyed by decay and is not restorable. If this is the case, we at ELOHC will provide you with treatment options to replace the extracted tooth.


We also perform the extraction of third molars (wisdom teeth). This can either be performed in the chair or under General Anaesthesia.

What does a tooth extraction procedure involve?


With the removal a tooth, a dental x-ray will be taken if not already done. The area of the tooth extraction will be anaesthetized with a local anesthetic. Once it is ‘numb’, the tooth will be extracted with suitable instrumentation. Sutures may be placed if deemed necessary.

The surgical removal of a tooth, for example a wisdom tooth, is a little bit more invasive. This is due to the fact that it requires additional cutting of the surrounding gum tissue and bone to be able to access the tooth adequately for proper removal. This procedure involves the use of a scalpel and a handpiece which works with a bur and the release of water during the procedure.


Post-operative instructions will be given once the procedure is complete or you can download the PDF version here:

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