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Pediatric Dentist in East London

Kids need the dentist too!

It can often be an overwhelming experience to both the child and the parent, especially if it is their first time! At ELOHC, current technology and knowledge allow us to keep kids’ oral health great! We strive to make the little ones and their parents feel welcome and safe in order to provide them the treatment that they need.


Our focus is placed on prevention. Prevention and early intervention results in happy smiles. It is very important for the parents to take responsibility for their children’s’ happy smiles- it is your responsibility as a parent to motivate and assist with maintaining good oral hygiene as it is impossible for children to brush and floss correctly before proper fine motor sills development in their hands. The rule of thumb is that if a boy or girl cannot tie a shoelace properly without looking, they cannot brush properly yet either!

It is important to ensure that their perception of a dental visit is a pleasant one. Therefore, we advise parents to bring their babies for a first visit as soon as their first teeth has erupted.


This is an opportunity to make the child familiar with the dental office. This is also an opportunity to educate the parent as to how to care for their babies and children’s teeth, as the responsibility lies with the parent. We also teach the young ones how to brush properly and take care of their own teeth, with their parents present.


We take care of their healthy as well as decayed teeth, aiming to preserve their primary teeth (baby teeth) as long as possible, case dependent on patient.

What does preventative care at ELOHC look like?

Happy smiles!!! Why do we want a happy smile? Not only do a fresh breath smell great, but kids with great smiles usually have a lot of confidence!


Preventative visits are highly encouraged. At a routine visit, the oral hygienist will check the child’s teeth, clean the teeth, and apply special fluoride to prevent cavities. These plaque levels will be recorded and monitored at future visits. Effective oral hygiene techniques and home care instructions will be communicated to both the parent and the child. 

What does preventative care include?


6 x monthly visits to the oral hygienist


Correct home care and healthy habits.


Healthy eating- low sugar consumption


Regular dental and developmental check ups by the dentist.


Professionally applied as well as home application of Fluorides.

Pediatric services at a dentist clinic

Is Fluoride application important?


Fluoride has been proven as both safe and cost effective to keep kids’ teeth healthy. Fluoride is present in every day toothpaste, but at a 6 monthly visit the oral hygienist will apply a hi-concentrate sticky dental mousse directly to the teeth after cleaning it. It results in remineralisation of teeth where demineralisation has occurred in order to prevent cavity formation.

Fluoride tablets or drops may be given at home daily. Check with our office for dosage and supply.  

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