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Dental restorations

Dental Restorations

A dental restoration, also known as “fillings”, is a treatment form of placing a filling on a tooth that has been damaged by decay. This is the most common procedure performed to restore teeth affected by decay.  It replaces the decayed part of the tooth and restores the function and aesthetics of the tooth. In the case where a cavity is not restored, it will extend deeper into the tooth and create a much bigger cavity which can ultimately result in tooth infection. We place fillings that matches the colour of your tooth. Therefore, our fillings can be placed on either front- or back teeth. This means that it assists in both function and aesthetic of the tooth.

Do you still do "silver fillings", because I do not want mercury in my mouth


Silver fillings are known as amalgams. Amalgam is the oldest filling material available on the dental market. There has been a lot of controversy around it due to its mercury content. We only use “tooth coloured” fillings at ELOHC.

Do I need to have an injection when "fillings" are done?


Most commonly we do need to numb a tooth before doing the filling. We are proud to be using “wands” to numb teeth without the need of syringes! This is a much more controlled and comfortable technique to numb teeth.

What does the procedure involve?


We need to numb the tooth/teeth by administering a local anesthetic with our “wand”. Thereafter, we place a rubber dam mask to isolate the tooth from all the moisture caused by saliva in your mouth. It also protects your cheeks, tongue, throat and lips while doing restorative work. This form of isolation is very important for the successful placement of tooth coloured fillings. After the rubber dam has been placed, the decayed tooth structure will be removed. Then the tooth can be restored! Latex-free rubber dams and gloves are available for those who are allergic to latex.

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